Christallin Source Healing Video Training (& Level 3)

Christallin Source Healing Video Training (& Level 3)

Christallin Source Healing: The live training was on 28th March
to April 1st in Oy - Germany.

This technique is the biggest breakthrough that we can give you, to
work with the source of all energy in the Universe directly. This is the
same energy (Chi) that Qi-Gong masters use to cure cancer, that in
India they call Prana. You will learn how to do healing using this power-
ful Universal Energy and changing the faulty genetic information in your DNA caused by the inherited unresolved issues from your ancestors and your past lives. It is
faster than Hypnosis, NLP, NEI, Timeline, Reiki, Matrix Energetics and Omega Healing
combined. It always goes to the first incident no matter where that is located in the time line.

You can do it on Skype and still have incredible results.  It works on children and animals.

Just 4 days ago our daughter had eczema on her hands, we did one session on her and it was gone the
next day!

You can combine it with other techniques that you have. You will receive additional information soon,
but you can trust us that you want to come and not miss this important breakthrough.


Three levels:

Level 1: the focus is on teaching you to go into the Gamma state to resolve emotional issues,
past live karma and any disturbance in your energy fields. This is 3 days

Level 2: immediately after level 1 you can continue two more days and learn how to tackle
physical diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, Heart disease, diabetes, back pain and many

You will learn how to find the causes very quickly!
The best part is that you can do this on yourself!

Level 3
You can participate in the Advanced level 3.

This is an ongoing training online with webinars, flowcharts and answering questions you have.
The costs are €599,00 / $ 745.75 for a full year, you will receive certification after completion!

If you have questions write to  


Price Video training Level 1 & 2: €455 / $ 566.47

Price Level 3: € 599 / $ 745.75


Best Option
Package deal: get the complete training (level 1, 2 & 3)

This gives you access to the Christallin Source Healing level 1 & 2 video including manuals & flowchart & meditation
And you are automatically inscribed for the online training of level 3!
Total price € 1044. Get our package deal for € 799 / $ 994,75 (and save €245!)

If you choose so, you can pay this option (level1,2,3) in 3 monthly instalments of € 275 / $ 342.35 each.


If you have questions write to 

with love,
Joy & Roy

 "use the up and down arrows to make your choice"


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